Utlärda danser

Utlärda danser Musik Artist Termin
1-2-3-4 1-2-3 Ann Tayler HT-11
15 Minutes 15 Minutes Rodney Atkins VT-10
1929 1929 Tara Oram VT-12
2 x 4 shuffle Bringin ´Da Noise Nsync HT-01
2 Much In Love Too Much In Love Chris Willis HT-12
7 Heaven Margaritas & Senoritas Brushwood VT-07
7th Wonder Cha I Need You Marc Anthony HT-03
50 Ways 50 Ways To Say Goodbye Train VT-13
89 All Summer Long Kid Rock HT-08
90 Degrees So Hot David Lowe VT-07
A Door A Bell Knocking On My Door Modern Talking HT-06
A Drink In My Hand A Drink In My Hand Eric Church HT-11
A Gigolo Gigolo (English Version) Helena Paparizou VT-07
A Little Bit A Little Bit of Love Andreas Johnsson HT-07
A Lovers Place All The Man That I Need Whitney Houston VT-12
A Walk On The Wild Side Crayons Donna Summer HT-10
Add E’m Up Add E’m Up Paul Brandt HT-07
A-B Whirl Too Much Candy Eddy Raven VT-05
Af En Af Af En Af Kurt Darren VT-12
After Midnight Walking After Midnight Groove Grass Boyz HT-00
Ain’t Got No Money The Way I Are Timberland HT-07
Ain’t No Other Me Ain’t No Other Me StooShe HT-13
Ain’t Too Proud Ain’t Too Proud The Temptations HT-12
Alfie Alfie Lily Allen VT-07
Aligator Rock See you later Alligator Johnny Earl VT-03
All Aboard My Baby Think She’s A Train Dean Brothers HT-03
All Day Long Mr. Mom Lonestar VT-05
All Good It’s All Good Joe Nichols HT-12
All My People All My People (Radio Edit) Sasha Lopez HT-12
All Night Long You rock me Enrique Iglesias HT-04
All The Way Do What You Do (rap edit) Bad Boys Blue HT-06
All You Need All You Really Need Is Love Brad Paisley VT-11
Already Gone Already Gone The Eagles HT-08
Always Will Always Have, Always Will Ace Of Base HT-10
Amame Amame Belle Perez HT-08
Amarula Amarula Tree Amanda Jensen HT-08
An Irish Waltz Beateful Meath Mary Duff HT-05
And I Liked It I Kissed A Girl Katy Perry HT-08
And Then What Then What Clay Walker VT-13
Argentina Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Generation Pop HT-09
Armstrong Will My Arms Be Strong Enough BWO HT-08
Army Of Two Army Of Two Olly Murs VT-13
Ascension Higher Taio Cruz VT-11
Askin’ Questions Askin’ Questions Brady Seals VT-10
Atomik Polka Turbo Polka Atomik Harmonik VT-07
Ay Amore Ay Amore Semino Rossi HT-09
Ay Ay Ay Let It Rain Over Me Rain Over Me Pitbull Feat. Marc Anthony HT-11
Baby Boyfriend Boyfriend Lou Bega VT-11
Baby Bubbles Love Done Gone Billy Currington HT-11
Baby Goodbye Bye Bye Baby Bay City Rollers HT-07
Baby, I Like It! I Like It Enrique Iglesias HT-10
Baby I Miss You Baby I Miss You Chris Norman HT-12
Baby, You & Me! I Will Die For You Luca Hänni VT-13
Baby Tonight Dancing Tonight Kat DeLuna VT-11
Bad Addiction Gambling Man The Overtones VT-11
Baby Waltz This Life LeAnn Rimes HT-06
Backtrack Backtrack Rebecca Ferguson VT-13
Bad Boy Big Bad Handsome Man Imelda May HT-09
Bad Guy That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy Toby Keith HT-09
Bad Influence Bad Influence Pink HT-09
Badly Bent Badly Bent Tractors HT-00
Ballymore Boys The Boys from Ballymore Shamrock VT-02
Bang Bang Bang Bang Jody Bernal HT-12
Baptized In Beer The Lord Loves a Drinking man Mark Chesnutt HT-05
Be Brave Brave Jennifer Lopez VT-08
Be Strong The Words “ I love You “ Chris De Burgh VT-06
Beautiful Body If I said you hade a beautiful body The Bellamy Brothers VT-06
Beautiful Morning Beautiful Morning Rod Stewart HT-13
Beautiful Sunday Beautiful Sunday Daniel Boone VT-09
Because Of You Olivia Rick Trevino VT-04
Before The Devil If You`re Going Through Hell Rodney Atkins HT-06
Beginners Luck Don´t Think Twice David Ball VT-05
Bella Bella Bella Bella Signorina Patrizio Buanne VT-07
Beyond Your Eyes Beyond Your Eyes Jessica Martinsson VT-11
Big Girl Boogie Big Girl Mika VT-07
Big Jimmy Big Jimmy And Felicidad Graeme Connors HT-10
Billy Be Bad Billy Be Bad George Jones VT-10
Billy Jean Billy Jean Michael Jackson HT-03
Bittersweet Memory Clouds David Nails VT-12
Black Betty Black Betty Tom Jones VT-04
Black Coffee Black Coffee Lacy J Dalton HT-02
Black Horse Black Horse & Cherry Tree KT Tunstall HT-05
Blame It On The Girls Blame It On The Girls Mika VT-10
Blue Ancle (Pardans) Tonight The Heartache’s On Me Dixie Chicks VT-04
Blue Moon Party Blue Moon De Lancaster HT-12
Blue Night Cha Blue Night Michael Learns To Rock HT-10
Blurred Lines Blurred Lines Robin Thicke ft. T.I. & Pharrell HT-13
Blush Relax Mika VT-08
Bobbie Sue Bobbie Sue The Oak Ridge Boys HT-04
Bobby Jo As good as I once was Toby Keith HT-05
Born To Love You I Was Born To Love You Freddie Mercury HT-09
Bosa Nova Blame it on The Bossa Nova Jane McDonald VT-06
Bounce Slow Kylie Minogue VT-10
Boyfriend Of The Year Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year The McClymonts VT-09
Brazil Brazil Bellini VT-09
Bread and Butter Shotenin Bread The Tractors VT-01
Bread On The Table Bread On The Table Tom Wurth HT-06
Breathless Catch My Breath Kelly Clarkson VT-13
Broken Heels Broken Heels Alexandra Burke VT-10
Broken Stones Broken Stones Paul Weller VT-10
Bud Wiser Make Her Fall in Love With My Song George Strait VT-08
Burnin´ Baby I´m burning Dolly Parton HT-04
Butter Bean You´re Smile George Canyon VT-07
Busy Bee Busy Being Fabulous The Eagles VT-08
By Morning Amarillo By morning Georg Straight HT-05
Bye Me A Drink Do you still wanna bye me that Lorrie Morgan HT-04
Cajun Thang Cool, Cool Mardi Gras’ Scooter Lee VT-13
California Blue California Blue Roy Orbinson HT-01
Call Me Maybe Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen VT-12
Call My Name Call My Name Sarah Engels VT-12
Call on Me Call on Me Glenn Frey HT-08
Can’t Let Go You’d BEtter Move On Piet Veerman HT-12
Canadien Stomp Any Man of mine Shania Twain VT-01
Caribbean Pearl The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Radio Edit) Scotty VT-12
Catch a hip Cat Eenie Meenie Miny Mo Holiday Band HT-02
Caught In The Act Who´S Sleeping In My Bed Glenn Frey VT-05
Celtic Kittens Celtic Kittens Michael Flatley VT-06
Cha Cha Grove When the sun goes down Kenny Chesneey HT-05
Charanga La Charanga Cubaila Cubaila HT-07
Chasse And Schuffle More & More & More The Bellamy Brothers HT-06
Chattahooche II Chattahooche Alan Jackson VT-01
Cheek To Cheek Jack is back Diamond Jack HT-04
Chica Boom Boom Boom Boom Goes My Heart Alex Swings Oscar Sings HT-09
Chili Hot La Traviesa Missiego VT-08
Claires Dance Whose bed have your boots been under Shania Twain VT-06
Clap Your Hands My Dear Botanist Dyana&Natalya Syenchukov HT-06
Cliché If the fall don´t kill you Travis Tritt HT-04
Closer Closer Susan Ashton HT-03
Cloud Number 9 Cloud Number Nine Bryan Adams HT-13
Come Anytime Come Rain Come Shine Jenn Cuneta (Radio Edit) VT-07
Come Dance With Me Come Dance With Me Nancy Hays VT-07
Come on/Get up Sea of cowboy Hats Chely Wright HT-05
Conrado Cha Cha I just want to dance with you George Strait VT-01
Consider Me Gone Consider Me Gone Reba McEntire VT-11
Copperhead Any man of mine Shania Twain HT-00
Count To 3 Hey You Count To 3 Melinda Schneider HT-08
Country 2 Step I Just Want My Baby Back Jerry Kilgore VT-04
Country As A Boy Can Be Country As A Boy Can Be Brady Seals HT-07
Country As Can Be/font> Country As A Boy Can Be Brady Seals HT-11
Country Twang Thang Honky Tonk Lover Chris Campbell VT-06
County line If I said you had a beautiful body The Bellamy Brothers VT-01
County line Cha Cha Neon Moon Brooks & Dunn Ht-08
Cowgirl Twist Walk on faith Mike Reid VT-01
Cranky Crank It Up Ashley Tisdale HT-09
Crazy Crazy GnarlsBarkley HT-06
Crazy Foot Mambo If You Wanna Be Happy Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels VT-08
Creepin’ Up On You Creepin’ Up On You Darren Hayes HT-12
Cripple Creek Cripple Creek Jim Rast & Knee Deep VT-02
Cruisin Still Cruisin Beach Boys HT-00
Cry Cry Cry Cry To Me Precious Wilson & Eruption HT-12
Crystal Clear Everything Michael Bublé HT-07 + VT-13
CT Girl Cheap Trick Kinda Girl Infernal HT-07
D Light Heaven Must Sent You The Elgins HT-12
D & D Shuffle Man I feel like a women Shania Twain VT-01
Dance Boot Scooting Boogie Brooks & Dunn VT-06
Dance Again Dance Again Jennifer Lopez VT-12
Dance Dance Dance Dancing On A Saturday Night Barry Blue HT-07
Dance Like You’re the Only One Sun Goes Down David Jordan VT-08
Dance Of Love Dance Of Love Ronan Hardiman VT-13
Dancing in the dark Here comes the rain Mavericks VT-01
Dancing Whit Cupid Cupid Daniel Powter VT-13
Deck 51 Flowers on the wall Eric Heatherly VT-02
Did It Have To Be Me Why Did It Have To Be Me ABBA VT-08
Dig it Cotton Eye Joe Rednex VT-01
Ding Dang Darn It Ding Dang Darn It Ken Domash VT-12
Disconnected Stay Here Lee DeWyze HT-12
Dit Dot Ditty Baby come back to me Manhattan Transfer HT-04
Disappearing Bubbles Love Done Gone Billy Currington VT-11
Do That Again Let’s Do That Again Trace Adkins VT-09
Do You Really Do You Want Me Da Buzz HT-06
Docter’s Order Docter’s Order Jane McDonald VT-09
Doctor, Doctor Bad Case of loving you Robert Palmer HT-04
Donegans Reel The Battle Of New Orleans Sham Rock VT-04
Don´t Be Sad Don´t Be Sad Dwight Yoakam VT-06
Don’t Drink The Water Don’t Drink The Water Brad Paisley HT-11
Don`t Feel Like Dancing I Don´t Feel Like Dancing The Scissor Sister HT-06
Don’t Forget Me Baby Te Fuiste Jose De Rico ft Henry Mendez VT-13
Don’t Get Mad Have Fun, Go Mad The Scissor Sister HT-06
Don’t Just Stand There Walk on Reba McEntrie VT-12
Don’t Kill The DJ We Belong To Music Blair VT-12
Don’t Look Away Don’t Look Away Gary Allan VT-04
Don’t Worry Don’t worry Baby Kim Appelby HT-08
Double Cheeseburger Cotton Eye Joe Rednex VT-03
Down Under Blues Kokaburra Blues The Bellamy Brothers HT-10
Dr Flame New Flame Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebles VT-11
Dreamboat I See A Boat On The River Boney M VT-09
Drink Myself Single Drink Myself Single Sunny Sweeney VT-12
Drink On It Drink On It Blake Shelton VT-12
Drinkin’ Bone Boogie Drinkin’ Bone Boogie Tracy Byrd VT-09
Drip Droppin Start Without You Alexandra Burke HT-10
Duty Free Dame Dame Duty Sound (feat. Linda Garcia VT-13
Eagle Eye Lyin’ Eyes The Eagles HT-12
Eagles Rock How Long The Eagles VT-08
Earrings Don’t make me take my Earrings out Gretchen Wilson VT-10
East To West Coast To Coast Modern Talking HT-06
Easy Come Easy Go Any Man Of Mine Shania Twain HT-06 + VT-13
Easy Does It The Anthem NG3 VT-09
Easy Fun Country Down To My Soul Roy Parnell VT-07
Eatin right and drinkin bad Eatin right and drinkin bad Ronnie Beard VT-01
EeeZee Boogie Boogie Down Al Jarreau VT-09
Electric Dreams Together in Electric Dreams Phil Oakley & Giorgio Moroder VT-08
Electric Slide Electric Boogie Marcia Grifftiths HT-00
Elvis Shuffle Return To Sender Elvis Presley VT-11
Empty Dreams Land of empty dreams Fools Gold VT-03
Enchantment Land Of Enchantment Michael Martin Murphy VT-01
Eternal Star Like A Star Dj Otzi & The Bellamy Brothers HT-12
Everything I Do (Everything I Do) I Do It For You Brandy HT-10
Everyway That I Can Everyway That I Can Sertab Erener HT-03
EZ-Cheeky Cha Let The Games Begin DJ Bobo HT-10
Ez Walk Like Rihanna Walks Like Rihanna The Wanted HT-13
Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Joe McElderry VT-11
Fearless Fearless Collin Raye HT-12
Feel Like A Fool Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Kenny Rogers VT-05
Feel like crying Cry to me Ronnie Mc Dowell HT-01
Fields Of Gold Fields Of Gold Sting HT-03
Fiesta Como Te Quiero Mi Amor El Simbolo HT-10
Fingerprints Fingerprints Erik Saade HT-12
Fire On Ice Why This Kiss Mark Medlock HT-08
Firecracker You Set My Heart On Fire Helena Paparizou HT-07
First To Last My First, My Last, My Everything Barry White VT-04
Foolish Treat Me Like A Fool  The Deans VT-06
Foolish Heart Don´t Pretend With Me Vince Gill VT-07
Follow, Follow Follow Me On Double Wide Uncle Kracker VT-11
Foot Boogie Baby likes to rock it Tractors HT-00
Footstep of Our Fathers Footstep of Our Fathers Pat Green VT-09
Forgive Me Forgive Me Leona Lewis HT-08
From Here I Can Take It From Here Chris Young VT-13
Full House The Gambler Kenny Rogers HT-08
Get Trashed Let’s Get Trashed Mica Roberts & Toby Keith HT-08
Ghost train Ghost train Australias Tornado HT-00
Gimmie A Chance Gimmie A Chance Mark Medlock HT-08
Gimme Hope Jo’anna Give Me Hope Joanna Eddy Grant HT-03
Girl Power Woman’s World Cher HT-13
Give A Little More Give A Little More Maroon 5 HT-10
Go For It It´s Late Shakin´Stevens HT-04
Go Mama Go Let Your Momma Go Ann Tayler VT-09
Go Seven Seven Lonely Days Bouke VT-12
God Blessed Texas God Blessed Texas Little Texas HT-02
Gold Digger Gold Digger Jody Booth VT-13
Good Day To Run A Good Day To Run Darryl Worley HT-11
Good Time Good Time Alan Jackson VT-12
Going to the Chapel Little Chapel Heather Myles&Dwight Yoakam HT-03
Gordita Linda La Godita Linda Arthur Hanlon HT-05
Got My Baby Back I Got My Baby Back Derek Ryan VT-13
Got You Too (Gotcha!2) Captured Rick Tippe VT-12
Grace Kelly Grace Kelly Mika VT-07
Gypsy Woman Gypsy Ronan Hardiman HT-03
Half Past Nothin’ Knock Knock Jack Savoretti HT-12
Hands Up For The Lovers Whitney Houston HT-10
Have You Ever Seen The Rain Have You Ever Seen The Rain Rod Stewart VT-12
Heads Or Tails Heads Carolina, Tails California Jo Dee Messina HT-03
Head over Heels Head over Heels ABBA VT-07
Heart of An Angel Heart of An Angel Modern Talking VT-07
Heartaches by number Heartaches by number The Deans HT-02
Hearts & Flowers Hearts & Flowers Dave Sheriff VT-08
Heat Of The Night Temple Of Love BWO HT-07
Heave Away Heave Away The Fables HT-01
Hey Baby Hey Baby DJ Ötzi HT-01
Hickory Lake Hickory Lake Bekka & Billy HT-08
High On Love Mountain Of Love Neal McCoy HT-08
Higher & Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher Michael McDonald HT-08
His Only Need She Is His Only Need Wynonna Judd VT-13
Holding On To Yesterday I Told You So Carrie Underwood & Randi Travis HT-09
Hold Your Breath Don’t Hold Your Breath Nicole Scherzinger VT-11
Honey Pie I Can’t Help Myself Jessica Mauboy VT-13
Honk If You Honkytonk Honk If You Honkytonk George Strait VT-05
Honky Tonk Boots Honky Tonk Boots Sammy Kershaw VT-07
Hope Hope Shaggy VT-11
Hot Potato Yoko Cartoons VT-02
Hot Spot Rock That Man In The Boat Chuck Strong VT-09
Hot Tamales Country down to my soul Lee Roy Parnell VT-03
I Can´t Be Bothered I Can´t be bothered Miranda Lambert HT-05
I Just Want To Dance I just want to dance with you Georg Strait HT-04
I Lied Said I Love You Michael Bolton HT-09
I love a rainy night I love a rainy night Eddie Rabbitt VT-03
I Promise You I Shall Return Billy Currington VT-09
I Said Daaaaave As good as I once was KT Tunstall HT-05
I said I love you I said I love you Raul Malo HT-02
I Saw Linda Yesterday I Saw Linda Yesterday Black Jack HT-11
I Walk Alone I Walk Alone Cher HT-13
I Want It All All Or Nothing O-Town HT-06
Ice Breaker Hold your horses E-type HT-03
If I… If Sarah Engels VT-12
If Only I Could Never live without you (org) Adam Brand HT-05
If Only I Could A Brighter Day (alt.) Helena Paparizou HT-05
If I said you hade a beautiful body If I said you hade a beautiful body The Bellamy Brothers VT-06
If You Were Mine If You Were Mine Sanna Nielsen VT-12
I’m Gonna Get Yo I’m Gonna Get You Derek Ryan HT-13
I’m In Love I’m In Love Sanna Nielsen VT-12
I´m On My Way Sherk I´M On My Way The Proclaimers VT-05
Imelda’s Way Inside Out Imelda May vs. Blue Jay Gonzalez Mix HT-12
In Control Up The Saturdays VT-09
In Love I´m In Love Fabrizo Fariello VT-05
Insomnia Insomnia Craig David VT-09
Irish Stew Irish Stew Sham Rock HT-05
Island in the Stream Island in the Stream Kenny Rogers&Dolly Parton HT-01
It’s Raining It Keeps Raining Billy McLean HT-11
It´s a country thing I´m from the country Tracy Byrd HT-02
It`s Up To You It`s Up To You Barbra Streisand VT-06
J Ho Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls HT-09
J Ho AB Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls HT-09
Jai du boogie Jai du boogie Scooter Lee VT-01
Jailhouse Rock Jailhouse Rock/King Creole Billy Swan VT-07
Jamaica Mistaka Almost Jamaica Bellamy Brothers HT-01
Jitterbuggin Jitterbug Boogie Fantastic Shakers HT-01
Juanita Juanita Shania Twain HT-03
Just 4 Fun I`ll Tell Me Ma Sham Rock VT-06
Just a kiss Just a kiss Steve Holy HT-02
Just A Little Love Just A Little Love Derek Ryan HT-13
Just a Memory Just a Memory The Deans VT-07 + VT-12
Just a minute Wait a minute Sara Evans VT-01
Just for Grins Billy be bad George Jones VT-03
Just the Way The Way Love Goes Lemar VT-10
Just Walk Away Walking Away Sibel VT-10
Just Wright Cést la Vie Chely Wright HT-05
Kabu Kaboem Kaboemielies David Fourie HT-12
Keep It Up I Won’t tell Jay Sean HT-08
Keep the fire burning Keep the fire burning Robin HT-03
Keep on Dancing Viene Mi Gente Chica VT-06
Kicking The Dirt What Do You Take Me For? Pixie Lott VT-12
Kill the Spiders You Need A Man around Here Brad Paisley VT-06
Kiss me honey Kiss me honey The Deans HT-02
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Hot Banditos VT-08
Kiss The Stars Kiss The Stars Pixie Lott VT-12
Knee Deep Knee Deep Zac Brown Band HT-10
Knockdown Knockdown Alesha Dixon HT-06
La Funk Can’t Speak French Girls Aloud VT-08
La Tenga Que La Detengan David Civera HT-03
La Vera Listen To The Radio Lee Kernaghan HT-13
Laid Back Laid Back Stone Cold Michelle Wright VT-08
Latin Crazy I’m Crazy On Vampires DJ Bobo HT-10
Lay It On The Line Lay It On The Line Divine Brown VT-12
Leaving Of Liverpool The Leaving Of Liverpool Shamrock HT-06
Leaving On Monday Monday Morning Melanie Fiona HT-10
Let’s Find A Church Let’s Find A Church Josh Turner VT-10
Let It Be Love Anthing Other Than Love Deborah Allen VT-13
Let your love flow Let your love flow Bellamy Brothers VT-02
Life Without U My Life Will Suck Without You Kelly Clarkson VT-09
Lightning polka Sin Wagon Dixie Chicks VT-02
Lindi Shuffle I Need More Of You The Bellamy Brothers VT-05
Little Bluff You Lied To Me Tracy Byrd HT-10
Little Broken Heels Broken Heels Alexandra Burke VT-10
Little Red Book You’re More Than A Number In My Little Red Book The Drifters HT-08
Live Laugh Love Live Laugh Love Clay Walker VT-02
Liquid Lunch Liquid Lunch Caro Emerald HT-13
Lollipop Lollipop Mika VT-07
Long Distance Love Long Distance Melanie Amaro HT-13
Looser Still Turn Me Loose Young Divas HT-08
Louisiana Swing Home To Louisiana Ann Tayler HT-09
Love Me L.O.V.E. V V Brown HT-09
Love 2 Cha Cha I keep forgetting Lee Ann Womack HT-05
Love Is A Game Love Is A Game Mark Medlock & Dieter Bohlen VT-08
Love Today Love Today Mika HT-07
Love Trick What’s Not To Love Trick Pony VT-09
Love Will Keep Us Together Love Will Keep Us Together Daniel VT-13
Love ya Love Me Justin Bieber VT-10
Louisiana Saturday Night Louisiana Saturday Night Mel Mcdaniel vT-08
Loving Feeling You´ve Lost That Lovin´ Feeling´ The Deans HT-06
Mad 4 it Reach S Club 7 VT-02
Madiba Mambo The Boy Those Nothing Alesha Dixon VT-09
Magic Moon Mr Man In The Moon Patty Loveless VT-07
Make A Start Knock Yourself Out Lee Roy Parnell HT-13
Mambotastic Do You Remember Neil Sedaka HT-09
Mamma Afrika Two in One Mamma Africa HT-02
Mamma Maria Mamma Maria Ricchi E Poveri HT-09
Mariana Mambo Mariana Mambo Chayanne VT-04
Mamma Maria Mamma Maria Ricchi E Poveri HT-09
Mars Attack Chocolate Soul Control VT-05
Maverick All you ever do is bring me down Mavericks HT-02
Maverick Shuffle Something Stupid The Mavericks HT-07
Maybe I Could I Might Shakin´Stevens HT-04
Mega Mambo Mega Mambo Ahos Y Mancini VT-07
Mercy Mercy Duffy VT-08
Mexicali Mexico Toby Rene VT-10
Mexicoma Mexicoma Bucky Covington VT-11
Mexifest Back In Your Arms Again The Mavericks VT-13
Mickey Lollipop Lollipop Mika HT-07
Midnight blue Nobody knows Tony Rich Project VT-02
Milk & Toast & Honey Milk & Toast & Honey Roxette HT-06
Minute Waltz What if I said goodbye Vince Gill VT-06
MMWAAH Kiss kiss Holly Valance HT-02
Mockiingbird Mockiingbird Toby Keith & Krystal VT-05
Momma Mia Home to Mamma Patrizio Buanne VT-06
Monlight Kiss Monlight Kiss Raul Malo VT-09
Mony Mony Mony Mony The Deans VT-02
Monterey Mama Who´s cheatin who Alan Jackson HT-01
Move A Like Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 HT-11
Moves Like Jagger Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 VT-12
Move Your Body Rock Your Body The Phonkers VT-12
Multiplicity Multiplication Showaddywaddy HT-05
Mustang Sally Mustang Sally The Commitments VT-10
My Girl Sally Sea Salt Sally Rick Guard VT-08
My Greek No.1 My Number one Helena Paparizou VT-07
My New Life High Class Lady The Lennerockers HT-08
My Next Broken Heart My Next Broken Heart Brooks & Dunn HT-12 + VT-13
My Pretty Belinda Pretty Belinda Dr Victor VT-11
Naughty but Nice Mama Take Me Home Rednex VT-06
Nelly’s dilemma Dilemma Nelly HT-03
Never Change Some Things Never Change Chris Gray VT-08
New Dreams What you mean to me Chris de Burgh HT-05
Night Nurse Night Nurse Cascada HT-12
Nights And Days Oh Carol Smokie VT-05
Nightshift Nightshift Dr Victor HT-10
Nitty Gritty Nitty Gritty Kimberly Cole VT-10
No Goodbyes Out Of Goodbyes Maroon 5 With Lady Antebellum VT-11
No Gravity No Gravity Shontelle VT-11
No Man’s Land No Man’s Land LeAnne Mitchell HT-13
No Promises No Promises Shayne Ward VT-07
No Place To Go Radio Dancing Engelbert Humperdinck VT-06
Not Going Home Wanna Dance With Somebody Allstar Weekend VT-13
Not Like That Not Like That Ashley Tisdale HT-07
Nothing New Nothing New Under The Moon Leanne Rimes VT-10
No Scandal Tentacion Marcos Llunas VT-11
Nr 31 (Blue ankles) The Heartache´s on me Dixie Chicks HT-01
Nu Flow Nu Flow Big Brovaz VT-04
Numa Yei Mai Ai Hii Haiducii HT-04
Old Friend Old Friend Tim McGraw HT-06
On And On On And On Agnes Carlsson HT-08
On The Water Walking on the water Atomic Kitten HT-04
On your own You´re on your own Scooter Lee VT-01
One Foot Kickin´ One foot draging Band of Oz HT-04
One horse town One in a row Trick Pony VT-02
One Step At A Time One Step At A Time Jordin Sparks HT-08
Open Book Open Book Scooter Lee VT-11
Open Season Open season on my heart Tim Mcgraw HT-04
Operator Cha Cha Operator, Operator Eddy Raven HT-09
Out And In The Only Way Out Cliff Richard HT-06
Out & Jump Jump In To My Bed Lou Bega HT-10
Over the Rainbow Over the Rainbow Cliff Richard HT-05
Oxygen Oxygen Maia Mitchell HT-13
Pack Up & Tip Toe Pack Up Eliza Doolittle VT-11
Paddy´s real Paddy McCarty The Corrs HT-01
Part Time Lovers Part-Time Lover Stevie Wonder VT-07
Party Freak On The Dance Floor Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull VT-11
Patient Heart Patient Heart Bekka & Billy HT-02
Peaches & Cream You’re Sixteen Ringo Starr HT-08
People Are Crazy People Are Crazy Billy Currington VT-11
People Like Me People Like Me Jason Matthews VT-10
Phloor Philla Floorfiller ATeens HT-03
Pick a pocket Too Many Pockets Darryl Worly VT-02
Pick It Up Wine It Jarvis Church VT-09
Picnic Polka Cowboy Sweetheart LeeAnn Rimes VT-01
Pizzericco Pizzericco Mavericks VT-01
Play It Again Sam Hey Mr DJ Rouge VT-10
Playing With Fire Bad Boys Alexandra Burke HT-09
Poker Face Poker Face Lady Ga Ga VT-09
Poor Boy Blues Poor Boy Blues Chet Atkins & Mark Knofler VT-06
Porcelanosa Que Baja Que Sube Santa Fe HT-06
Pretend Pretend Sharon B VT-03
Pretty in Pink Pretty in Pink Sweetbox VT-08
Prince Charming In My Bed Edei VT-11
Push Push Danni Minogue VT-05
Push the Button Push the Button Sugerbabes VT-06
Put You In A Song Put You In A Song Keth Urban HT-10
Quater After One Need You Now Lady Antebellum HT-10
Rama Lama Ding Dong Rama Lama Ding Dong Rocky Sharp&The Replayers VT-06
Ready to Go Some Things Never Change Sara Evans VT-08
Red hot salsa Red hot salsa Dave Sheriff HT-00
Redneck Woman Redneck Women Gretchen Wilson HT-04
Reet Petit Reet Petit Jackie Wilson HT-02
Raggae Romance Love You So Dr.Victor & The Rasta Rebels HT-13
Rhyme or Reason It Happens Sugerland VT-10
Rhytm Rock Rock With Rhythm Of The Rain The Judds HT-07
Ridin’ Riding Alone Rednex HT-03
Rio Patricia Mestizzo HT-06
River of dreams The river of dreams Billy Joel VT-03
Rocki´N Some Beach Blake Shelton VT-05
Rock´n roll bride I know the bride The Deans HT-02
Rock it Baby likes to rock it Tractors VT-03
Rodeo Blues Sea of Cowboy Hats Chely Wright VT-09
Rodeo Hustle It´s up to you Perfect Stranger HT-02
Rollin’ Along Rollin’ With The Flow Mark Chestnutt HT-09
Roomba I Know You Want Me Pitbull HT-09
Rosalie Rose-A-Lee Smokie VT-01
Rose Garden Rose Garden Scooter Lee VT-01
Round up I love you cause I want to Carlene Carter HT-02
Rubitin Rub It In Jeff Bates HT-06
Runaround Sue Runaround Sue leif Garrett HT-11
Runaway Train Runaway Train Sam Callahan HT-13
Same Old Something Every Now And Then Alan Jackson VT-11
Satisfaction guaranteed More of your love The Drailers VT-02
Scooby DoO Do The Cha Cha Cha Alex Swings Oscar Sings HT-09
Scrap it Scrap piece of paper Paul Brandt VT-02
Sea Salt Sally Sea Salt Sally Rick Guard HT-07
Senorita I Love Senoritas Alex Swings and Oscar Sings VT-10
Sex on the beach Sex on the beach T Spoon VT-02
Shakatak Cied. Sordomunda Shakira VT-03
Shakin Mix Hitmix Shakin’ Stevens HT-09
Shalala Shalala Vengaboys VT-01
Shame & Scandal In The Family Shame & Scandal Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebel HT-12
Shanghai Surprise Jumpin The Jetty Coastline VT-11
Shatterd Dreams When You Say My Name The Overtones VT-13
She bangs She bangs Ricky Martin HT-02
Shortenin bread stomp Shortenin Bread The Tractors HT-02
Shout Shout Shout Shout Rocky Sharpe & The Replays VT-13
Showed Up Late Showed Up Late Pete Stothard HT-13
Silver Lining Silver Lining Kacey Musgraves HT-13
Silver Moon Tired Og Being Sorry Enrique Iglesias HT-07
Silver Threads Silver Threads & Golden Needles Dolly Parton HT-06
Simbolo Felicidades El Simbolo HT-08
Sing Sing Sing Sing David Campbell VT-13
Skinny Genes Skinny Genes Eliza Doolittle VT-12
Sky High Fly Away Lutricia McNeal VT-07
Smokey Places Smokey Places Ronnie McDowell HT-03
Smooth Operator I Wanna Be Your Man Keith Urban HT-03
Snap to it Line Dance Party The Woolpackers VT-01
So Fine You’re So Fine Little Isadore & The Inquisitors VT-04
Solo Humano Humano David Civera HT-06
Soluna Monday me Amor Soluna HT-05
Some Beach Some Beach Blake Shelton HT-05
Somebody Like You Somebody Like You Keith Urban HT-03
Something Easy If You Love Somebody Kevin Sharp VT-05
Something In The Water Something In The Water Brooke Fraser HT-11
Somewhere In My Car Somewhere In My Car Keith Urban HT-13
Southern Country Shuffle If wishes were horses Kimber Clayton VT-02
Southern Delight Levantando Las Manos El Simbolo HT-03
Speak To The Sky Speak To The Sky Brendon Walmsley VT-05
Spotlight Spotlight Jennifer Hudson HT-08
Start Easy Still The One Jeanette O´Keefe VT-05
Stay Another Day Tu No Sabes Selena VT-07
Step Back Angelyne Nitty Gritty Dirt Band HT-04
Step´N Smile Can´T Smile Without You Barry Manilow VT-05
Stitch it up Elvis Medley The Deans VT-02
Sticks and stones Sticks and stones Tracy Lawrence VT-08
Stomp & Kick Don’t Lose Any Sleep Over You Amy Diamond VT-10
Straighten Up Straighten up Scooter Lee HT-01
Stuck A While Let´s Stick Together Brian Ferry VT-06
Stuck On You Stuck on You The Dean Brothers HT-04
Stuck With..? Stuck Like Glue Sugarland VT-11
Stupidville Stupidville Cash On Delivery HT-07
Sugar Pai Sugar And Pai The Boots Band VT-06
Summer Girl Say Jambo Mohombi HT-11
Sundown Waltz Sundown In Nashville Marty Stuart VT-04
Sunshine A Brighter Day Helena Paparizou VT-13
Sunshine Roll Rollin’ Trough The Sunshine Trailer Choir HT-10
Sunshine Swing Physical Olivia Newton-John HT-10
Swamp Thang Swamp Thing   VT-01
Sweet Addicion Should I Would I Could I Modern Talking VT-06
Sweet Baby Oh me oh my George Strait HT-05
Sweet Café Diesel Cafe The Bellamy Brothers VT-05
Sweet Nothing Sweet nothing The Deans VT-02
Sweet Sweet Smile Sweet Sweet Smile Scoter Lee HT-05
Sweetie Sweetie Carley Rae Jepsen VT-13
Take A Breather I Need A Breather Darryl Worley HT-03
Take Me To Your Heart Take Me To Your Heart Michael Learns To Rock VT-12
Take these chains Take these chains from my heart Lee Roy Parnell VT-02
Tango De Pasion Tango De Pasion Anamor, Feat Toni Salazar VT-13
Tango Cha Tang Jaci Velasquez VT-09
Tap Room Boogie Maxine’s Tap Room Boogie Travis Kidd HT-09
Tennesse Waltz Suprise Tennesse Waltz (Party Mix) Ireen Sheer HT-10
The Bug The Bug Chapin Carpenter HT-04
The Coconut Tree Coconut Tree Mohombi feat Nicole Scherzinger VT-11
The Final Kiss El Bedo Del Final Christina Agulera VT-05
The Heart Matters No Matter What Boyzone HT-11
The King & I I Got Stong Elvis Presley VT-05
The Lemon Tree Lemon Tree Fool’s Garden HT-07
The Pulse Who Owns My Heart Miley Cyrus VT-11
The Way The Way Clay Aiken VT-05
Things We Do That Thing We Do Blake Shelton VT-11
This Is Me This Is Me Missing You James House HT-13
This Ole Boy This Ole Boy Joe Nichols VT-12
Time 2 Boogie Time After Time Jake Matthews HT-08
Time 2 Fly The Same Side Lucie Silvas HT-07
Time to Play Hit the Floor Big Ali VT-10
T’morrow Never Knows Tomorrow Never Knows Bruce Springsteen HT-09
Toes Toes Zac Brown Band HT-09
Trailerhood Trailerhood Toby Keith HT-11
Trust Me Trust Me Fredrik Kempe VT-05
Turbo Twang Turbo Twang Ric Tippe VT-01
Turn Me Loose Turn Me Loose Young Divas HT-08
Tush push Your Tattoo Fever 4 VT-01
Twist With The Fat Boys The Twist Fat Boy & Chubby Checker VT-11
Twix Chocolate Soul Control HT-05
Unconditionally Yours When A Woman Loves A Man Westlife VT-11
Under The Sun Under The Sun (Radio Edit) Tim Tim HT-10
Until The End Stuck On You 3t HT-04
Unpredictable Two More Lonley People Miley Ray Cyrus HT-10
Upside Down Upside Down Paloma Faith VT-10
Uptown Uptown Girl Westlife VT-10
Urban Grace But for the Grace of God Keith Urban HT-04
Urban Living Love to love another day Keith Urban VT-06
Urban Shuffle (couple) Somebody Like You Keith Urban VT-04
V, W      
Waco-A-Way How Far To Waco Ronnie Dunn VT-12
Wagon Wheel Rock Wagon Wheel Nathan Carter VT-13
Wakira Waka Waka Shakira featuring Freshlyground HT-10
Walk of Life Walk of Life Shooter Jennings VT-08
Walk on by Walk on by Scooter Lee VT-01
Walking Backwards Walking Backwards Brandon Sundefur VT-06
Wanna Be Elvis Elvis Tonight Jason Allen VT-09
Wanna Be Me Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me Keith Urban HT-03
Water melon crawl Watermelon crawl Tracy Byrd VT-01
Wave On Wave Wave On Wave Pat Green VT-04
Warwick Avenue Warwick Avenue Duffy HT-08
We Belive Rivers of Gold Fame VT-09
We Belong Secret Seal HT-10
Were alive I´m alive Celine Dion VT-03
Vertical Expressions Vertical Expression The Bellamy Brothers HT-03
West Bound Train One Way Ticket LeAnn Rimes VT-11
What About What About Now Westlife VT-10
What A Mom Mr.Mom Lonestar VT-05
When When Showaddywaddy VT-11
When I Need You When I Need You Joe McElderry VT-13
Where I Belong That’s Where I Belong Alan Jackson HT-10
Where We’ve Been Remember When Alan Jackson VT-13
Whole again Whole Again Atomic Kitten HT-02
Who`s Ya Daddy Who`s Ya Daddy Mike Walker HT-06
Whiskey In The Jar Whiskey In The Jar Sham Rock VT-04
Wild Wild Horses Soo-Bo feat Tee Webb VT-10
Windy City Waltz I Love You Fath Hill VT-13
With These Eyes With These Eyes Roch Voisine VT-09
Without Fire No Smoke Michelle Lawson VT-12
Vivacius The Way You Make Me Feel Michael Jackson HT-03
VooDoo Me Baby Voodoo Voodoo Mike Sanchez & His Band HT-13
Wow Tokyo I Don’t Care What You Say Anthony Callea HT-13
Wrappet Around Wrappet Around Brad Paisley HT-03
Wrong night Who´s cheatin who Alan Jackson HT-00
Wrong Side Of The Road I Can’t Lie Maroon 5 HT-10
Yee Haa That´s What I get BR5-49 HT-04
Yodel A E Tee Cowboy Joddle Song Kikki Danielson VT-12
You And I Someday Hera Björk HT-09
You On Me The only thing that looks good… Bryan Adams HT-04
Your so naughty He drinks tequila Sammy Kershaw&Lorrie Morgan HT-01
Your world It’s Your World Now The Eagles HT-08
Zabadak Zabadak Saragossa Band HT-07
Zjozzys Funk Bacco Perbacco Zucchero HT-07